Rebekah D. Cheyne (_defygravity_) wrote in nyu_republicans,
Rebekah D. Cheyne

Excellent...New York University Republicans!

Well, I am not quite a New York University Republican, but with any amount of luck I will be in a year. My first choice when it comes to college is NYU, so hopefully I will not be let down. I am, however a Republican, and although I will not be able to vote in the 2004 election, I am rallying for the Bush cause on a daily basis. I just wanted to say hello and good luck...debating with northern liberals is tough...I know, my family is from the north and all fit that category.
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You brats should live somewhere else because New York City don't want ya...
And you say we need lives? You've left about 10 comments... to each post, buddy. Go watch some cartoons.


July 30 2004, 09:18:26 UTC 12 years ago

doesnt suprise me that you'll be in nyc.. take a look at your icon, its by far one of the gayest icons ever made
There are no Denny's, Shoney's, Cracker Barrels or Waffle House in NYC. You may also see fags and unwed mothers. Please do stay away.


July 22 2004, 14:20:26 UTC 12 years ago

stop acting like you know what politics are like....Liberalism is actual a sweeter form of communism, wether you think thats true or not!
Don't worry about it buddy. Here, they only HATE us for living in NYC. But consider yourself lucky, they KILL babies for living in their mothers' wombs! So it could be worse.

Most of the things they say are just infantile too (see posts above), so there's nothing to be afraid of.
Rally for my ass you nit wit, you would last about 3 seconds in NYC, stay put Dumb Ass