Ballz Mahoney (ihopdisciple) wrote in nyu_republicans,
Ballz Mahoney

Pro-Bush Rally In Union Square Park

Although most of you may not have known about it, at 3:30 today in Union Square Park, College Republicans from NYU and Columbia, the NY Young Republicans, Students for Bush, and several other organizations held a pro-Bush rally. The twist that made it better? There was a Socialist rally occurring at the same time right next to us. The group had their usual big banners, (Free Palestine, Stop Bush -with a swastika instead of an s, etc...) and they were pretty much insane. We had a formidible sized group, maybe 50 people, and although their organization had about as many people to start with, they were joined as the day went on by typical NY liberals. It quickly broke down into small 2 and 3 person debates, while their leaders yelled from a bullhorn that the US was a police state that kills its own people. Eventually one of the "peace-loving" commies lost his temper and attacked a Bush supporter, prompting several of their leaders to scream about how Bush and his followers shoul
d die, at which point a bunch of police came in and shut them down for not having a permit and generally inciting a riot. 6 or 7 of them retaliated against the police, and a bunch of them ended up getting a free ride to a nice, warm cell courtesy of the back of the police van. All in all, at the end of the day, it was a VERY successful rally/counter-protest.

Thought you all might like to know.
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